Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat

The Art of War, by Sun Tzu

At TKG, we love working with our customers to create game changing new products and services, by helping them develop and execute on well designed strategies.

Our Services

With broad experience comes a wide array of areas we can engage with your business.
If you have areas beyond those described below, please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.


We believe strongly in understanding the challenges and making a plan for how to achieve success. We're able to help identify the challenges and opportunities ahead, and make them part of your plan. Making that plan is an important part of achieving success. Focusing and executing the strategy outlined by the plan is equally important.

It is difficult to know what to plan for if you've not walked the path before. We can be that experienced companion as you walk (or run) your path to success.


We offer software product development services that span the complete development life-cycle. Whether you wish to raise the bar on your current process to improve results, or perhaps you need to expand your current capability with an outsourced team. We can deliver on your requirements.

We don't believe that an Agile development model is the answer to every software development challenge. We believe that a hybrid and highly automated approach is the solution, and we can help you realize those process changes.


Whether you're growing a startup, growing a new market opportunity or growing your portfolio, we can help identify the risks and opportunities, and map a path to success. To help with these growth challenges, we can perform technical due diligence on potential investments, partnerships and technology adoption in your products. If your growth strategy includes expansion into new markets, we can also help to assess and measure the market opportunities.


Security challenges are an extremely dynamic part of running a successful business. It takes strong business processes as well as effective education of your workforce. We bring a wealth of experience in this space that started with supporting the first credit card transactions over the Internet, now two decades ago.

We can help establish best practice security policies, perform root cause analysis of breaches and help architect your products and services to avoid costly failures to secure your environment.

About Us

From our start in the mid-90s, we've logged decades of experience working with Internet technology, network security and the processes that are required to meet the demands of a global Internet presence. We've grappled with the related management challenges found in both start-ups and large Fortune 500 organizations. We believe strongly in the power of collaboration, and as such, founded the Tribal Knowledge Group in 2003, working to make our experience available to our clients, to help them embrace the new age of online business.

When it comes to making business decisions in the 21st century, we recognize how difficult it is to be an expert in all things. We bring together our colleagues, and the relationships we've built with these like-minded individuals, to offer our clients the best and the brightest minds, to help solve your most challenging business issues. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand and assist with both business and technology challenges.

Have a look at some of the services we offer to help augment your team. Contact us with any questions you have about how to get started leveraging Tribal Knowledge.

We're easy to talk to.

A high pressure sales pitch is not our style. We'd much rather start by building a lasting relationship.
Having an open and honest conversation would be much more effective toward figuring out how we can work together.

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Our History

  • Apache Logo


    Creating the Apache Way™

    In 1995, as a co-founder of the Apache HTTP Server project, Randy Terbush began working with other members of this very successful open source project to develop an HTTP web server that could meet the demands of large commercial web applications, in a time when the technology and end user requirements was changing rapidly.

  • Covalent Logo


    Covalent Technologies

    As Founder and CEO, Randy Terbush started Covalent Technologies to provide an SSL encryption module along with enterprise support, to meet the demands being made by the Financial Services industries, Government Agencies and a budding E-Commerce marketplace, which all wanted to use the very successful Apache web server in their environments.

  • ADP Logo


    Fortune 500 Challenge

    At ADP, Randy introduced SaaS infrastructure architecture, Continuous Integration Processes and Cloud Computing, all before the terms were ever used in technology marketing.

  • Public Sector Logos


    Public Sector and Education

    After leaving ADP, Randy started Tribal Knowledge Group and begin working on a number of Enterprise Architecture and Open Standards projects in the Public Sector and Higher Education.

  • Healthcare Logos


    Healthcare Transformation

    In the past few years, Tribal Knowledge Group has taken on a number of projects in the Healthcare space. There has been heavy focus on the security challenges surrounding deployment of HIPAA and HITECH compliant services in Amazon Cloud (AWS) along with work on emerging open standards like FHIR.

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